Next Generation Mobility   
Tomorrow's Technology in Today's Mobility Aids 

We are intent on bringing the latest technology and materials into equipment for people with disabilities.
Our goal is to work with each person's individual disability and deliver products that they need.

Wheelchair Accessible Car

We are currently developing a wheelchair accessible car that can be driven from the wheelchair by people with significant disabilities. The modified controls can be positioned anywhere in the car for head, hand or foot control. The open internal space will accommodate large power wheelchairs.

Key Features

  • Lightweight, approximately 1300 kg

  • Flex Fuel vehicle able to run on anything from E85 to regular unleaded using Wolf 550 EMS tuned by Boostworx

  • V6 Toyota 1MZ-FE engine

  • Custom built chassis by All Transport Crash

  • Big brake kit with 355mm vented front brakes and 290mm vented rear

  • Internal dimensions available for the wheelchair are 1500mm high, 1400mm wide, 1600mm long with a 1450mm high and 900mm wide door.

  • Integrated low effort steering and brakes assembly that can be controlled by head, hand or foot

  • 20" alloy wheels with 245/45R20 by Wheelworx

Concept Sketch
Concept Sketch

Wheelchair Accessible Car Concept Picture
Concept Rendering



Wheelchair Accessible Sidecar

Wheelchair accessible sideccar, allowing people the freedom to experience motorcycle travel.


Head Controlled Sailboat

Head Controlled trimaran (3 hull) sailboat. Electronic controls can allow anyone to sail and the three wave piecing hulls give a significantly smoother, flatter/more stable and faster ride.


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