Next Generation Mobility   
Tomorrow's Technology in Today's Mobility Aids 

We are intent on bringing the latest technology and materials into equipment for people with disabilities.
Our goal is to work with each person's individual disability and deliver products that they need.

3D Modelling Services

We can supply 3D Modelling Services to develop custom made assistive technology that is personalised to the unique needs of each individual. The models created can be stress tested in simulations to ensure that finished part has the required strength. We also have significant experience actualising models into real world equipment that can be used, including manufacturing in plastics, carbon fibre, aluminium, stainless steel, brass and silver. We have experience with the strengths and limitations of various manufacturing techniques and and can design parts with specific materials and manufacturing it can be brittle Stress Test PictureI
Stress Analysis Model

3D Printing

We have experience printing in ABS, Nylon, TPU, Acrylic and Metallic Plastic. Each plastic has different strengths and weaknesses that need to be matched to the intended application. ABS is a rigid plastic that will flex slightly before breaking. It is the plastic used in Lego and is a robust and reliable plastic. It is the plastic we use in our custom phone holders on wheelchairs. Nylon is a strong and flexible plastic that has a wider printing window then ABS. When printed thin it can be flexible like a hinge. When printed thick it is strong and ridged. TPU is a flexible rubber plastic that we can vary the hardness by varying the density. Acrylic is a high detail plastic although it can be brittle. Metallic Plastic is printed with fine aluminium particles, which give it a metallic sparkle, although it is stronger than ABS and Nylon it is also more brittle.
3D Printed ABS Plastic Phone Holder Picture
Phone Holder for a Wheelchair
3d Printed Brass Stylus Tip
Brass Stylus Tip
We have experienced printing in Brass, Aluminium and Stainless Steel. The parts we printed in metals have been used in custom-made stylus for head operated computer equipment.

CNC Machining

With larger parts CNC machining is more cost-effective than 3D printing, the parts can then be anodised to any desired colour. We have machined and anodised many complicated shapes, for example a 3 piece caster wheel assembly for a prototype wheelchair. CNC Machined Caster Assembly
CNC Machining

Composite Parts

We have been developing Carbon Fibre reinforced 3D printed parts that consist of an a custom ABS honeycomb core wrapped in carbon fibre. This method of instruction allows us to develop unique parts tailor-made for the individual that are extremely light and strong. We have been testing this manufacturing method with custom-made armrests for power wheelchairs. The armrests are designed to correct hand deformations by realigning the hand in an anatomical neutral position. ABS and Carbon Fibre Armrest Picture
ABS & Carbon Fibre


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