Next Generation Mobility   
Tomorrow's Technology in Today's Mobility Aids 

We are intent on bringing the latest technology and materials into equipment for people with disabilities.
Our goal is to work with each person's individual disability and deliver products that they need.

Custom Phone/Tablet Holder

We can design and build custom phone and tablet holders for Android and Apple products. The holders are designed in 3D modelling software and printed in ABS plastic. The mounting attachment can be anything from a simple plastic tab to flexible goose necks. The holder to the right is a low profile Nexus 5 printed in red ABS. Nexus 5 Phone Holder in Red
Custom Phone Holder

Custom Carbon Fibre Armrests

We have been developing custom-made armrests for power wheelchairs. The armrests are designed to correct hand deformations by realigning the hand in an anatomical neutral position. The armrests are designed in 3D modelling software and then a honeycomb core is printed in ABS plastic. The core is then wrapped in several layers of carbon fibre creating a unique and extremely strong structure. Custom Carbon Fibre Armrest
Custom Armrest

iPhone/Smart Phone Stylus

We can custom make stylus to any length in various materials including copper, stainless steel and carbon fiber.Our carbon fiber iPhone stylus can be created to any shape or length, to specifically fit each person's disability and range of movement. Allowing even high-level quadriplegics to operate the iPhone through a mouthstick. While still very durable the carbon fiber stylus is nowhere near as rugged as the copper stylus. Stylus Picture
Carbon Fibre Stylus


We are the Australian distributor for QuadStick. The QuadStick has a joystick, four sip & puff sensors and a lip position sensor, connected to a 32-bit ARM processor that converts the sensor inputs into USB and Bluetooth signals for PC's & Game consoles. The controller is configurable by the user and can be quickly changed between pre-configured profiles, while playing a game. QuasStick
QuadStick Controller

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