Next Generation Mobility   
Tomorrow's Technology in Today's Mobility Aids 

We are intent on bringing the latest technology and materials into equipment for people with disabilities.
Our goal is to work with each person's individual disability and deliver products that they need.

Future of Power Wheelchairs

We are building a lightweight extremely efficient wheelchair with the best possible components and the latest technology. Using Carbon Fibre, Aircraft/Aerospace (T6)  Aluminium and Titanium, the chair will be significantly lighter than current electric chairs and will include as standard, necessary features that are usually optional extras, such as tilt in space.

A power wheelchair is more than a medical device needed for movement. It becomes a part of the person, an extension of their body. I believe a power wheelchair should be formed around the intended user, incorporating their needs and tailored to fit their personal shape. It should become an extension of the person and their personality.

Scott Gordon a power wheelchair user for 20yrs and Director of Next Generation Mobility


Key Features

3d Modeled Components
All components are 3d computer modelled and digitally tested in simulations before they are laser cut, CNC machined or 3d printed. Giving extremely precise final parts. With computer models of all parts available customization what he had done that there are not enough for youheis quickly and easily achieved 

CNC Machined and Anodised Parts
Parts are CNC machined, from the 3D computer models, and then anodised any colour. Giving us the ability to create individual personalised parts
Robust Electronics
The drive computer is from 
unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), commonly known as drones. Giving a rugged field proven brain for the power wheelchair
1000W Brushless Motors
The motors are CAN bus controlled, directly controlling the speed of the motors, IP54 protected, produce 7Nm of torque and are over 90% efficient.
High Torque Gearbox
An aluminium 30:1 helical bevel parallel shaft gear box from light industry that is capable of transferring 140Nm of torque to each drive wheel. This is enough torqueto propel a 120 kg wheelchair user up to 15° slope at 15 km/h.
Using Carbon Fibre, Aircraft/Aerospace (T6)  Aluminium and Titanium, the chair will be significantly lighter than current electric chairs. The power wheelchair will weigh approximately 80 kg including batteries.
Lithium Polymer Batteries 
The lithium polymer batteries have over twice the life expectancy and weigh approximately half the weight. Giving a range of over 40 km and rapid charging can fully recharge the power wheelchair in under 3 hours
Smart Phone Override
We have an optional smart phone override. If needed in safety or fatigue environments a carer can completely override all controls of the wheelchair with an Android or iPhone app
Independent Suspension
Full Independent Suspension with 50 mm of travel at all wheels. A self-leveling mechanism within the suspension allows up to 120 mm of difference between the wheels, while maintaining full contact with the ground
Colour Touchscreen & Scroll Menu
All functions of the power wheelchair can be controlled through the colour touchscreen display or through a single click button and joystick movements. The colour menus give an optional advanced drive display, showing rpm and current draw for both motors, along with wheelchair speed, battery level and warning lights
Ancillary Controls
Up to 10 devices can be controlled from the wheelchair through the touchscreen or scroll menus. The ancillary or peripheral devices are plugged into the corresponding mono jacks within the wheelchair. Useful for phones, doors, lights, etc
Advanced Setup Options
The advanced setup options give control over joystick response and throttle curves. Giving the user the option of tailoring the feel and control of the wheelchair
Advanced Remote Panel
The remote panel can be accessed remotely by Wi-Fi. Giving access to advanced setup options, live telemetry of both motors and logs of the past 48 hours of use
20" Drive Wheel
The larger 20 inch diameter leading drive wheel flattens the tangent at which obstacles are impacted, reducing the initial impact. It also increases the step/obstacle height that can be navigated. By using standard BMX tires we also increase the range and choice of tyres for people while also increasing serviceability and decreasing cost.
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